All students are required to undertake an entrance audition and will be contacted regarding an audition time shortly after submitting an application.

The panel for the audition consists of MCYAA staff members from all instrument groups. The auditions will take approximately 20 – 25 minutes. Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to attend. A short interview with the student will conclude the audition. Individual students

For the audition, individual applicants should prepare the following:

  • Two scales of the student's choice.
  • Two contrasting pieces or movements.

Piano accompaniment for auditions is not required, however you are very welcome to bring a pianist to accompany you in your audition if you like. Pre-formed Ensembles

For the audition, pre-formed ensembles should prepare the following:

  • Two contrasting pieces or movements.
  • A short sight-reading piece will be given to the ensemble 30 minutes before the audition time.

Successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance within 14 days of their audition. This letter will outline the requirements and expectations of the program, and the parents or guardians will be required to sign a contract and pay fees in full.

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