Chamber Music Program (Full Program)

The Chamber Music program includes chamber music tuition, masterclasses with local and international guests, concerts, large ensemble tuition, and musicianship classes.

All students accepted into the Chamber Music program at MCYAA receive a generous scholarship valued at $1785.

Total Program Cost: $2735
MCYA Scholarship Contribution: $1785
Tuition Fee for Chamber Music Program: $850 per semester

Woodwind Program

Participants in the wind octet, saxophone quartets and string players and pianists who prefer to only participate in chamber music and not in the larger ensembles

Tuition fee for Woodwind Program: $550 per semester

Large Ensemble Program

Students can elect to participate in the Large Ensemble program alone, which includes participation in either the String Ensemble or Cello Ensemble, musicianship classes, and observation of masterclasses with local and international guests.

Tuition Fee for Large Ensemble Program: $350 per semester

Masterclass Program

This program is an add-on program designed for students in year 11 and 12 who are considering tertiary study in music.

Tuition fee for Masterclass Program: $680 per semester