Print Workshop

A purpose-built centre for all print workshop and development students

Combining industry process with expert knowledge, the VCA Print Workshop sets a new standard in educational workshops. The complex includes an etching-based workshop, a lithographic-based print workshop and a screen printing workshop. The facility was updated in 2018 to improve the overall standard, incorporate new technologies, work to higher OHS standards and increase the number of staff-supported workshop hours for students.

The well-ventilated etching workshop is set up with three manual etching presses and a hydraulic press. The lithographic workshop boasts three manual direct lithographic presses, an inking bench and great ventilation. The screen printing workshop is comprised of the main printing space, connected processing rooms, a coating room, an exposure room and a washout room.

In addition, there are facilities for photographic plate making, plate graining and stone graining. Finally, a smoke room for preparing ground etching plates, a corrosive room for etching intaglio plates and a spray booth for aquatinting and other processes.