1. Hand that Rocked the Cradle (2018)
Animation/ Mixed Media Film

Animator: Derrick Yaoqin Duan
Original Score (Composition and arrangement): Louis Wheeler
Cello Performance: Bridget Chappel and Darcy Gilkerson

**Content Warning: Film explore death and grief**

Artist Statement
After returning home from his mother’s funeral, a young boy and his father process their pain in different ways. While his father turns to alcohol, the young boy looks within.

The Hand that  Rocked the Cradle is an experimental animation hinged on the question: ‘what an alternative dimension death can bring to those who live to experience the loss'. It uses a mix of stop-motion and traditional 2D animation to illustrate this concept, and attempts to take the audience on a dialogue-free, meditative and introspective journey.

2. We Lack Nothing (2020)
Sound and Animation Composition

Sound, Text and Animation: Remy Chadwick

*Warning: This film contains flash effects.*

Artist Statement

A lament
In protest against myself
To defy the Data God:

I'll rage against the night
Against the light
I'll rage myself away
Take up a little space
Enough to ruin someone else
What do I lack?
I lack nothing

For best experience, please use headphones

3. Search for Stillness (2020)
Music Performance

Composition and Arrangement: Katarzyna Wiktorski
Piano: Katarzyna Wiktorski
Violins 1 & 2: Chloe Sanger
Cello 1: Alexi Kyrkilis-Kalathas
Cello 2: Ffion Stoakes
Alto Saxophone: Jade Nye

Individually recorded in isolation in April and May 2020
Piano  recorded with 'Noire' virtual piano by Native Instruments.
Audio and Video by Katarzyna Wiktorski

Artist Statement
Search for Stillness reflects my state of being at the time, where I felt as if I was losing my mind a little bit. This is how the piece manifested as I was trying to process my thoughts.

Composed in mid-2019, it was originally arranged for my octet ensemble however due to the remote nature of this project, I wanted to record a more manageable stripped- back version. This was also a great opportunity to showcase every part of the arrangement, which features a wide dynamic of lush harmonies and vulnerable space.

It was written with the intention to balance compositional and improvisational elements. I felt it would be exciting to structure a piece in a through-composed fashion, interwoven with spaces left for a few soloists. The piece is designed to gradually build and take the listener on a journey through various moods and return to the initial idea with the re-introduction of the left-hand ostinato.
I’m very excited and proud with how this project turned out, considering I have never made anything like this before. I’m extremely grateful to the musicians who brought this to life. I hope you enjoy it.