iMagine Workshop - Music and Imagery for Self Care


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iMagine Workshop - Music and Imagery for Self-Care
12.30 pm- 1.00 pm, Thursday 30 July 2020
Hosted by Bingyao Liu, Co-Founder of iMagine Music Group

About the session:

The iMagine Music Group produces a multilingual podcast series that promotes the health benefits of music listening and imagination exercises. Engaging the Music and Imagery approach of Music Therapy, the initiative explores voice guidance and original music to evoke creative visualisation and transport listeners into an iMagined world.

Join Bingyao Liu on a journey into your own imagination and embark on the iMagine experience in their debut interactive workshop. Take some time out, explore the power of music to create calm and evoke creativity, and reflect on your experience as part of the group.

About the host:

Bingyao Liu is completing their final year of the Master of Music Therapy, University of Melbourne. She has over fifteen years’ experience as a yangqin player (Chinese hammered dulcimer) and has performed with various ensembles, including the Australian Chinese Music Ensemble, across Australia and the United States. Bingyao is passionate about promoting health and well-being using music and related art forms and co-founded the iMagine Music Group in 2020. The group received funding from the 2020 SSAF Grant program to produce their podcast, iMagine Music, with episodes produced in English, Mandarin and Cantonese to date. To learn more about the project, visit the iMagine Music Podcast website.