Negotiating Power; Achieving Equity

 Performance image of Sangam March (2021) Bunjil Place. Photograph by Arun Munoz

This introductory workshop enables participants tools to understand how to engage with shifting forms of power; in effect to call out power and unmask it. The workshop asks what is means to participate in artistic practices with others with utmost care, awareness, and the willingness to share power. Participants will be asked to speak and engage with their own stories and listen actively to others to enable equitable engagement in the arts world. The workshop transforms critical discussions of power into simple tools for everyday practice. Places are limited.

About your hosts

Dr. Priya Srinivasan works as the Lead, Strategic Projects for Multicultural Arts Victoria. She a renowned dancer, researcher, artistic director and cultural leader who uses feminist approaches to enable social justice through art. Her artistic work and her publications have been disseminated widely. She brings rigorous academic thought to simple and effective application of equity.

Veronica Pardo is the CEO of Multicultural Arts Victoria. She is an experienced leader who has led an ambitious agenda of social and artistic transformation in the creative industries, working alongside people who have been marginalised.