Progress reviews

Confirmation, progress and conversion: towards successful completion.


It is the responsibility of Graduate Research students to make good progress and the responsibility of supervisors and advisory committee members to discuss and assess progress. The University monitors the progress of graduate researchers through regular progress reports and meetings.

Graduate researchers who are concerned about their progress should seek advice early and proactively discuss any problems they are experiencing with their supervisors and advisory committee.


All Graduate Research students are enrolled as probationary candidates and must confirm. (See the tables below for details) To successfully confirm, students must provide a written report on their research, make an oral presentation, verbally defend their project and complete any other requirements specified at enrolment. In addition, students must have completed Research Integrity Training.

Progress review meetings

Candidates are required to meet with their supervisors and advisory committee for a formal discussion of progress and to complete any prescribed progress review form, in accordance with the Graduate Research Progress Procedure. Progress review forms are provided by the faculty approximately three months before the progress review due date. Participation in regular progress review is a requirement for the continuation of enrolment and any scholarship(s) held.

Milestone dates

All graduate researchers are required to undertake a review of their progress regularly during their candidature. The due dates for these milestones (and any associated progress review forms) will be adjusted accordingly for periods of leave of absence or when candidates change their study rate between full and part-time candidature. Candidates can check the Student Portal to see the date of their next progress review. Standard milestones that apply to a full and part-time graduate researchers are as follows:


MilestoneDate (Full Time)Date (Part Time)
Progress ReviewN/A1 year
Confirmation1 year2 years
Progress ReviewN/A3 years
Progress Review2 years4 years
Progress ReviewN/A5 years
Progress Review (Completion)3 years6 years


Date (Full Time)Date (Part Time)
Progress ReviewN/A6 months
Confirmation6 months1 year
Progress Review1 year2 years
Progress Review (Completion)1.5 years3 years

Additional reports are required at six-monthly intervals (12 months if part time) if you extend (MFA students enrol for two years at commencement, so automatically have additional milestone dates).