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2021 Majlis Travelling Scholarship Exhibition - Install shot
2021 Majlis Travelling Scholarship Installation, Margaret Lawrence Gallery Outer Walls: Jackson McLaren Extended Weaving Project, 2021 wool on hessian Music for Helicopter Pilots, 2021 acrylic and pencil on canvas Centre: (front) Miream Salameh Missing Once in, Reborn Once out, 2021 Clay, metal, dimensions variable Background: Fiona Arbab Kambakht Qismat, 2021 Terracotta clay, plastic polymers, acrylic paint, and dyed epoxy resin Panisa Ongwat I see you, 2021 Series of 5, Chromogenic print mounted to aluminium Nyssa Levings, ONE, 2020 Single channel video, 4:55 Documentation by Christo Crocker

The Majlis Travelling Scholarship is open to third (final) year undergraduate students at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, School of Art. A travelling scholarship of $10,000 is awarded to a third year student that will allow them to travel overseas at the conclusion of their undergraduate studies. This exhibition presents the works of all shortlisted students, and is keenly anticipated, and provides a snapshot of student activity within the VCA School of Art.


Fiona Arbab
Christy Chudosnik
Clara Joyce
Nyssa Levings
Evangela Lines-Morison
Jessie Marshall
Jackson McLaren
Aden Miller
Elena Misso
Melissa Nguyen
Arthur Nyakuengama
Panisa Ongwat
Miream Salameh
Molly Stanko
Rebecca Suares
Keely Varmalis
Chelsea Young


Panisa Ongwat


2021 Majlis Travelling Scholarship Exhibition (PDF,181KB)

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