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Monochrome install documentation, 2018, documentation by Christo Crocker
Monochrome install documentation, 2018, documentation by Christo Crocker

‘Monochrome art has two origins: the mystical and the concrete. Its evolution in the 20th century illustrates the divide between the spiritual quest for transcendental experience and the desire to emphasise the material presence of the object as concrete reality and not as illusion.’ Barbara Rose

Monochrome: Empty & Full highlights contemporary Australian practices of monochrome painting and sculpture.

Featured Artists

Hayley Millar Baker 
David Batchelor 
Brian Blanchflower 
Louise Blyton 
Vicente Butron 
Eugene Carchesio 
Deb Covell 
Christoph Dahlhausen 
Julian Dashper 
Adrian De Vries 
Matthew Deleget 
ADS Donaldson 
Craig Easton 
Marcia Hafif 
Chris Heaphy 
Suzie Idiens 
Aldo Iacobelli 
Raafat Ishak 
Noel Ivanoff 
Wjm Kok 
Robert MacPherson 
Aaron Martin 
Anne-Marie May 
Allan Mitelman 
Darren Munce 
April Spencer Napaljarri 
Winkie Spencer Napaljarri 
John Nixon 
Rose Nolan 
Derek O’Connor 
Lenton Parr 
Yioryios Papayioryiou 
Paul Partos 
Kerrie Poliness 
Steven Rendall 
Ayako Saito 
David Serisier 
Ron Robertson Swann 
David Thomas

Exhibition Catalogue

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Featured artwork