Information for prospective students about applying, auditioning and interviewing for courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Here's an idea of what the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music application and acceptance process might look like for a domestic undergraduate applicant. The dates given here are indicative and are included for illustrative purposes only.

August to September

  1. Apply via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) by the course closing date (and pay the VTAC application fee)*
  2. Complete the Supplementary Application Form, Selection Test or Audition Application Test (if applicable) via the link sent to you by VTAC. BFA (Animation), BFA (Film and Television), and BFA (Screenwriting) applicants will receive information after VTAC applications close
  3. Pay the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music application fee upon submission of your Supplementary Application Form, Selection test, or Audition Application Form

October to November

  1. The Faculty will contact applicants to schedule an audition or interview after applications close
  2. Attend audition/ interview.

December to February

  1. You will receive an advisory letter indicating your audition or interview outcome from the Faculty in mid-December (this is not a formal offer)
  2. Based upon your advisory letter, make changes to your VTAC preference during the Change of Preference period if necessary
  3. Formal VTAC offers are in December (VIC and QLD only), and remaining offers are issued in mid-January or early February
  4. Accept offer
  5. Enrol and attend orientation activities.

Information for new applicants including important dates, audition schedules, interviews can be found on the Study website

View Auditions and Interviews information for our courses

For our undergraduate and graduate courses, please see find your degree here and explore our study website for more information.

As soon as you've decided to apply, it's time to start getting ready. Make sure you're fully informed of everything you'll need for your application. Remember that our applications involve a two-stage process: you will need to apply to the University of Melbourne and to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

There is no minimum ATAR required for Bachelor of Fine Arts courses. For the Performance/Composition/Ethnomusicology specialisation of the Bachelor of Music, applicants’ ATAR scores will be taken into account alongside the audition results as part of the selection process.

If you're planning to apply, you must understand the required prerequisites and the English language requirements.


A prerequisite is something you need to complete before you apply.

For example:

  • The Master of Music Therapy requires completion of a single unit of psychology for entry.

If you’re considering applying for more than one course, make sure you understand the prerequisite for each program.

English language requirements

Everyone who applies to the University Melbourne must meet the English language requirements. At undergraduate level this is usually satisfied through completion of an approved English subject at Year 12 (or equivalent) level. Not all states in Australia require this, so it is important to check your status.

Visit our website to find out more about the English language requirements.

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn as much as you can about the area in which you hope to build your career and the approach and training available through the Faculty.

All applicants applying for the Bachelor of Fine Arts courses or the Bachelor of Music must apply via VTAC, except international students studying overseas, who should apply directly via the University of Melbourne website.

We will send you a confirmation email once we have your supplementary form. It’s a good idea to add the domain to your approved email contacts. If you don’t get a confirmation email, check your junk mail folder, and then get in touch by emailing

All applicants will receive a link to self-book their audition/interview time at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled audition/interview period. There’s no need to contact us beforehand. Audition/interview dates for the year can be found on the Faculty website.

We will email you your interview time at least two weeks ahead of time. There’s no need to contact us beforehand. For the majority of our courses, interviews for start-of-year entry occur in October and November. For mid-year entry, the majority of interviews happen in May and June.

Attending a live audition or interview is your best chance of being accepted into the course. If there are dates you are unavailable (e.g. because of a VCE exam or similar), let us know either on the supplementary form or by emailing If we cannot schedule you for a live audition or interview, you’ll usually be offered the opportunity to submit a recorded audition or do a telephone interview.

No. An accompanist will be provided. For full details, see the course entry requirements page on the Faculty website.

In the interest of fairness, contact details for the accompanist will not be shared. On the day of the audition, each candidate will have five minutes to talk through cuts and tempo before entering the room.

Applicants for the Bachelor of Music are expected to provide their own accompanist for applicable instruments or specialisations.

You can audition with any accompanist you like, but if you’d like a recommendation, we provide a list.

View our recommended accompanists

For Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music VTAC applicants: In December, we will send you an advisory letter with the outcome of your audition or interview. This isn’t a formal offer, but it’s an indication of how you performed, so that you can adjust your VTAC preferences. Formal offers will be made in December to eligible applicants (Victoria and Queensland only) and remaining eligible applicants will receive their offer in January or February.

This may be possible, depending on the course you're applying to and the nature of your prior study or experience. Check the requirements for the course, and contact the Faculty if you have any further questions or need clarification.

The Melbourne Conservatorium has a selection of musical instruments available for loan, including strings, woodwinds, brass and early music instruments. These are available to current students for use in course-related activities. Prospective students attending auditions should check the relevant course details on our website, to find out which instruments and equipment will be provided for audition purposes.

IgniteLAB is designed to provide each Conservatorium student with individualised resources to help them develop and reach their own unique artistic and career goals. The program is delivered through extracurricular workshops, individual career advise and a variety of funded internship and curatorial opportunities.

The IgniteLAB page has information on workshops and accessing individual advice.

Find out more about IgniteLAB career development

For undergraduate courses there are no late applications accepted. Some graduate courses may offer flexibility in the course application deadlines. Check the guidelines for your course on the Study website, before getting in touch with any further questions.

If you are enrolled in a major or a degree in creative arts practice, you may be able to take a semester or year of study at the Faculty. Make sure you understand the application requirements, which can involve competitive audition or folio submission, along with English-language and academic requirements.

Find out more about exchange and Study Abroad

In the event that you don't get into the course you applied for, you can look into short courses or breadth studies.

Explore short courses

Explore breadth studies