Single subject study

Studying a single subject can contribute to your career development and strengthen your academic record while you pursue personal and professional interests. At the University of Melbourne, we call it our Community Access Program (CAP).

Study your way

CAP lets people take academic subjects outside a normal degree structure, offering access to tertiary study at the University of Melbourne for a diverse cross-section of the community.

You may choose to study as an assessed or non-assessed student. Assessed CAP students undertake the same subject workload and assessment as award course students and receive a formal academic record of their study. Non-assessed CAP students attend lectures and follow subject reading programs.

Build your future

If you are thinking about future degree study in the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, CAP is a great way to try it out. While there is no guarantee of selection into degree or diploma courses once you complete your CAP study, it is possible to use assessed CAP subjects as the basis of selection, either to demonstrate academic merit or as a recognised equivalent to VCE.

What you need to know

As a CAP student, you still attend the same classes as other enrolled students. Subjects are not usually taught outside normal business hours. It is important to check the subject timetable before you enrol to make sure you can be at the lectures and tutorials.

The fee for individual assessed subjects is determined by the discipline of the subject, as well as the number of credit points the subject is allocated.

If you are studying a music subject, different fees are applicable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate level Music subjects.

For more fee information see the University's Subject Fee Calculator for Australian Fee Places

Subjects that involve individual lessons are not available for CAP study.

If you've found a subject that you'd like to study and it's not on the list, academic approval may be possible. Send an email to

Find the CAP Application Form here

Subjects available for CAP Study

The subjects listed below are also available for incoming Cross-Institutional Study. These are for students enrolling in a subject that counts towards their studies at a different university.

Ancient and Contemporary Indigenous ArtsAIND10003
Art and Indigenous VoiceAIND10004
Indigenous Art and Changing the NationAIND20011
Street ArtCCDP20001
Dancing the Dance 1DNCE10027
Dancing the Dance 2DNCE20031
Up Close and Personal with MTCDRAM10026
Acting for CameraDRAM30020
Still Life: Nature MorteFINA10035
Life Drawing: The BodyFINA10036
Painting TechniquesFINA20026
Introduction to Printmaking ProcessesFINA20033
Drawing with AnatomyFINA20035
Under Camera AnimationFINA20036
Making Movies 1FLTV10010
Interactive Art Media 1FLTV10021
Making Movies 2FLTV20005
Making Movies 3FLTV30013
Making Movies 3 Practical ProductionFLTV30022
Riffs: Guitar Cultures and Practice 1MUSI10017
Music Language 1: the Diatonic WorldMUSI10023
Music in Everyday LifeMUSI10037
Music History 1: Monteverdi to MozartMUSI10047
African Music and DanceMUSI10148
Choir 1MUSI10159
Choir 2MUSI10162
Making Music For Film And Animation 1MUSI10179
Pop Song Writing 1MUSI10184
Jazz: The Improvisatory SpiritMUSI10202
Rock Music: From Roots to RetroMUSI10219
The Wellbeing OrchestraMUSI10222
Broadway and Music of the TheatreMUSI20053
Music Language 2: Chromaticism and BeyondMUSI20061
Recorder Ensemble 1MUSI20101
Paris! Berlioz to the Ballets RussesMUSI20120
Composition StudiesMUSI20122
Chinese Music EnsembleMUSI20135
Gamelan in Modern IndonesiaMUSI20138
World Music Choir 1MUSI20143
Music PsychologyMUSI20149
Music and HealthMUSI20150
Latin American Music and CultureMUSI20155
Stravinsky and Music of the 20th CenturyMUSI20158
Samba BandMUSI20163
Free Play New Music Improvisation EnsemMUSI20164
Creating Music For AdvertisingMUSI20167
The Art of Game MusicMUSI20173
The Laptop Recording StudioMUSI20174
Advanced Recording Studio TechniquesMUSI20190
R&B, Soul and Gospel ChoirMUSI20192
Riffs: Guitar Cultures and Practice 2MUSI20196
Music History 2: C19th Music and IdeasMUSI20198
Peak Performance Under PressureMUSI20203
The Business of MusicMUSI20206
Electronic Dance Music TechniqueMUSI20208
Chinese Music Ensemble 2MUSI20209
Music and Film since 1900MUSI30004
The Music of SpainMUSI30030
Music Language 3: Modern DirectionsMUSI30046
The Ethnography of MusicMUSI30053
Shakuhachi Ensemble 1MUSI30139
The Music Producer: From Brass to BeatsMUSI30236
Music as Noise: Making Sound ArtMUSI30246
Music History 3:Impressionism to PresentMUSI30249
The Romantic PianoMUSI30256
The Actor's ProcessTHTR10007
Clear Speech and CommunicationTHTR10019
Improvisation: Text, Space and ActionTHTR20022
The Artist's ToolboxTHTR20023
Puppets as StorytellersTHTR20042
Design and the Moving ImageTHTR20043
Understanding MasksTHTR30039
Hashtag CyberstarTHTR30042
The Secret Life of the Body 1UNIB10011