First Love is the Revolution

By Rita Kalnejais
Directed by Georgina Naidu

Basti is a glum but resourceful boy. Bullied at school and with an unwell, unstable Mum he just wants to cheer her up with something to keep her warm and cosy. In his neighbourhood, foxes are vermin, so why not trap one, skin it and use its fur? As he gets his butter knife out, it turns out that not only can foxes talk, but Rdeca has a name and quite an attitude. Then against all odds, Basti and Rdeca start to fall in love.

Penned by VCA Graduate Rita Kalnejais, this play has seen success in London and Sydney and is wickedly ingenious, odd, mesmerising and strangely reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, just with more barnyard animals. It also has quite a lot to say about families, our relationship with animals, optimism and destiny.

Featuring Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production), Master of Production Design (Stage) and Bachelor of Music (Interactive Composition) students.

Complete credits


2nd Jun 2022
7th Jun 2022


Studio 4, Performing Arts Building

 Further information

Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts

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