Here we have it, good, money, time - more time, serious yes

One of the biggest myths about dance is that “it happens beyond language and does not require words”
I think in contemporary practice this is proved obsolete.
Mostly because:
A) dance is a language
b) the dancers that I have long admired have always had the ability to use words in the rehearsal room, in an artist talk, in public and civic space, in the club and in silence - very wisely.

If there is one thing I have learnt this semester teaching Dance at VCA it is that dancers require space to speak their ideas into a sounding board as much as the physical act of doing dancing.
To love something takes work. It is difficult.  Rewarding. Tedious. Repetitive. It requires the cultivation of a loving kind of focus.

This work massages through the absurdity of being in the arts, the kind of love and multitudes of approach, code switching and humour it infuses in you, the dedication and highly specialized skill set that is needed, the required “training” for professionalism and the hope to come out of an institution on the other side prepared for a work force that is haptic.

Using the voice, ferociously specific monologue and an acute sense of humour and pacing within dance, this work hopes that it can culminate a deserving "hurrah" of skill and dance before an audience.

- Amrita Hepi

Amrita Hepi

Rehearsal Director
Shinjita Roy

VCA Dance Coordinator
Brianna Kell

Brittany Capill, Ruby English, Charlotte Henderson, Natalie Koch, Sarah Kosoof, Marilyn Hannah Lau,
Molly Mckenzie, Caitlin Mewett, Jessica Nicholls, Alice O'Keeffe, Gemma Sattler, Ella Sibel


Set and Costume Designer
Jessica Johnston*

Lighting Designer
Ikshvak Sobti*

Sound Designer
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop

Vision Designer
August Shearman*

Associate Lighting Designer
August Shearman*

Production Stage Manager
Olivia Walker*

Deputy Stage Managers
Annie Gleisner, Jenny Le

Senior Costumier
Stephanie Sofia Lourantos*

Costume Manager
Jessamine Moffett

Head Electrician
Theodore Viney

Deputy Head Electrician / Lighting Programmer
Kane Wilson

Lighting Programmer / Lighting Operator
August Shearman*

Sound Programmer / Sound Operator
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop

* Third year BFA (Design and Production) student 


Production Coordinator
Paul Doyle

Stagecraft Project Coordinator
Alan Logan

Construction Consultants 
James Clarke, Jeremy Ford

Art Department
Morgan Jones

Costume Supervisor
Karen Blinco

Emily Lewis


Production Academic Mentors
Martyn Coutts, Lexi De Silva, Eugene Hallen, Niklas Pajanti, Erin Shepherd

VCA Dance Staff
Carol Brown, Brianna Kell, Luigi Vescio, Shinjita Roy

VCA Production Academic Staff
Anna Cordingley, Justin Green, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus, Lisa Osborn, Matt Scott, Dr Chris Wenn

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