Merrily We Roll Along


Frank Shepard
Luke Ward 

Charlie Kringas
James Frampton 

Mary Flynn
Rebecca Ordíz

Gussie Carnegie
Chloe Makiol 

Joe Josephson
Will Jones 

Beth Spencer
Julia Miletta 

Joshua Spencer-Pepper 

Marlena Thomson 

Meg Kincaid
Lauren Gunson 

Judy/Mrs Spencer
Georgia Barron 

Kristie Nguy 

Cassie Ogle 

Terry/Mr Spencer
Cameron Bajraktaveric-Hayward 

Angelo Vasilakakos 

Elliot Wood 

Joey Phyland


Jason Langley 

Music Director
Pete Rutherford

Ross Hannaford

Assistant Director
Cohan Le May

Voice and Dialect Coach
Anna McCrossin-Owen 

Intimacy Coordinator
Margot Fenley

Set Designer
Rachel Nankin*

Costume Designer
Isabella Edwards*

Lighting Designer
Luke Grana*

Sound Designer
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop*

Associate Costume Designer
Abbey Stanway*

Associate Set Designer
Brad Hora

Production Stage Manager
Jenny Le*

Deputy Stage Manager
Noah Chrapot*

Assistant Stage Managers
Chloe Goldsmith
Alexandra Jaensch

Head Of Staging
Olivia Molinaro-Brennan*

Workshop Assistants
Tait Adams
Sara Bayley
Joshua Morris
Ingrid Muller
Saskia Permezel
Rachel Stone

Senior Costumier
Evelyn Housham*

Costume Manager
Dakota Poole*

Costume Assistants
Filipe Filihia
Georgia Shackleton
Mieke Singh Dodd

Technical Manager / Head Electrician
Kane Wilson*

Deputy Head Electrician
Amber Swank

Lighting Programmers and Operators
Arielle Roberts
Harrison Croft

*Third year BFA (Design and Production) student


Production Coordinator
David Harrod

Workshop Supervisor
Alan Logan 

Costume Supervisor
Georgia Johnson 

Drew Echberg


Head of Music Theatre
Tyran Parke 

Head of Production
Lisa Osborn 

Music Theatre Third Year Coordinator
Jayde Kirchert 

Production Academic Mentors
Kat Chan, Elise Glass, Niklas Pajanti, Andy Turner, Joy Weng

VCA Production Academic Staff
Anna Cordingley, Martyn Coutts, Jo Evans, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus, Matt Scott


Merrily We Roll Along begins in 1976 and travels backward in time to 1957, historically a period of huge social and cultural change.

George Furth and Stephen Sondheim wrote Merrily in 1980/81. Sondheim's score was composed as a response to producers and critics who criticised his lack of 'tunes you can hum'.

The show opened on Broadway in 1981 without benefit of an out-of-town tryout and was poorly received, with walkouts and disastrous reviews (though many praised the score as exceptional). It closed after 16 performances and 52 previews. Over the years Furth and Sondheim kept tinkering, making crucial structural and musical changes to subsequent smaller productions till an Off-Broadway revival in 1994 became the definitive version of the show.

Sondheim said Merrily is a cautionary tale about taking the expedient path through life, that follows three friends bound together by their idealism. In fact, the piece thematically interrogates the notion of idealism against the growing capitalism of the “Me” generation in this period of history.

We meet Franklin Shepard a successful Hollywood Producer on the evening of his film premiere 'Darkness Before Dawn'. He seems to have all the outward trappings of success and yet his private life is crumbling down around him. Sondheim poses the question 'How did he get to be here?', then sends us rolling back a few years at a time to discover all the game changing moments that lead he and his friends to this point.

Stephen Sondheim had the most profound influence on contemporary musical theatre, so it’s a great honour to have been in rehearsal with one of his works, especially only months after his death. There has also been an intriguing irony working on this show in a world where we are seeing the worst effects of capitalism, and through an election period where once more we were asked to choose between idealism and capitalism as though the two were mutually exclusive.

I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Merrily company - the creative team, the design and production teams - without all your support the travelling wouldn't have been half as fun.

- Jason Langley, Director

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