Mongrel 2022


Music Theatre Mentors
Maude Davey
Sarah Ward

Interactive Composition Mentor
Peter Farnan

Music Theatre Assistant
Nikola Gucciardo

Interactive Composition Assistant
Imogen Cygler

Production Manager
Mel Sheeley

Stage Manager
Whitney McNamara

Assistant Stage Manager 
Caitie Murphy 

Lighting Realiser
Stephen Hawker 

Sound Operator
Andy Crosbie

BOH Sound 
Lloyd Barrett

Drew Echberg

Program Notes

Program Note from Music Theatre Mentor

The Mongrel baton was handed to me by Maude Davey in full sprint toward the finish line. I realised quickly that I was running into a project with a rich legacy. A treasured opportunity for these Music Theatre students to go off script, indeed to write their own. It has been a privilege to step into this role and observe the determination of these performers to live up to the Mongrel mythology. The last two years have taken performing opportunities from these young artists, to see them now, you wouldn't know. Each and every one of them are stepping bravely and playfully into the strange and wonderful worlds they have created. Expect the unexpected in this short format, variety, cabaret show of music theatre proportions. Thank you Nikola Gucciardo for being my tour guide through the Mongrel experience and to the students for trusting me to support their creative journey.

— Sarah Ward

Program Note from Interactive Composition Mentor

Our composers are interactive. Being interactive means they must think conceptually, negotiating not just with music, but with all the strands of the theatrical weave and with ideas beyond the musical/theatrical realm. Art feeds the furnace of ideas of possibility and positive change. It re-orients mindsets and changes lives. As the cold winds of political polarisation blow through the Western World and the Arts are more and more devalued, knobbled and marginalised by a narrow-minded reactionary politic we need the imagination of young composers. We need their ability to dream beyond the boundaries and binaries of this compromised world. Mongrel is a research project and hopefully, by testing the unknown, the edges, the allowed and disallowed, this talented young cohort can go forth and expand our collective imaginations.

— Peter Farnan


W*** T** Fuck?

Have you ever been confused? I have. It’s kinda scary… don’t think too hard, cause we haven’t. Where will we go? A funeral, a basement, the wild west? I don’t know maybe none of those places. Sorry I’m getting existential. Go grab a drink at the bar, cause we can’t. Oh, and please buy a juicy BLT (sorry, we had to say that, we are sponsored by Menulog).

Created and performed by Matthew Bateson, Angus Conley, Di Drew, Julia Miletta, Cassie Ogle, Josh Spencer Pepper and Oscar Stamp.

Bear of Bad News

The cast of the hit show "Bear of Bad News" come to you live in Grant Street Theatre, with a brand new storyline too racy for TV!

Created and performed by Miranda Kilby, Joey Phyland, Marlena Thomson, Joshua 'Winnie' Trappett, Luke Ward and Simon Zinkovski.

The Wobbles

Join The Wobbles on their 38th annual tour - a show bursting with energy with it’s vibrant young cast, educational entertainment, current events, playful wording, and upbeat music! This cult classic trio is sure to rock your little one’s socks off!

Created and performed by Will 'Wobble Willy' Jones, Elliot 'Wobble Woody' Wood, Chloe 'Wobble Weenie' Makiol, Tom 'Large Bird' Coombes', Kris 'Sperm1/Sperm2/Doctor/Surgeon/Nurse/Receptionist' Lee, Nick 'Ringmaster' Rinaldi, Rory 'The Virgin' Fraser Peckham, Emma 'Harp The House Down' McMahon.

The Pork Swords

We welcome you on a journey following international boy band heart throbs Brian, Dan and Troye. Through this epic four part tragedy you will see highlights of their career including exclusive interviews, head bobbing and contemporary dance.
Get ready to swoon over your least favourite Australian band.

Created and performed by the Pork Sword band members: Cameron Bajraktarevic-Hayward, Georgia Barron and Kristie Nguy and the Band Minions: Serge Balaam, Josh Ephraums, Jarrod Foster, Diamond Lee and Acker Liang.

Don't answer that.

How do you fit nine friends in a box?

Created and performed by James Frampton, Lauren Gunson, Rebecca Ordiz, Pendar Sh, Dion Spyropoulos, Holly Sweeney, Angelo Vasilakakos, Brnadon Yang and Ango Zhu.

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