Sometimes, Always, Rarely, Never

A season of original contemporary performance from graduating Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) students made in collaboration with students studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production), with mentorship by Faculty of Fine Arts and Music staff and industry professionals.

Responding to the prompt, SOMETIMES, ALWAYS, RARELY, NEVER, students have worked in small groups to devise short performance works that explore ideas of systems and ecologies, acts of care, disruption and transformation.


Where does the full moon go after it dips behind the horizon?

Where can you find snow in the summer and fireflies in the winter?

Where are your itches? Your hiccups? Your sneezes? when you aren’t using them.

We think they’re in ‘sometimes’.

‘Sometimes’ is the world where occasional things are sorted, cleaned, cared for and sent back to us by caretaker creatures. Taking the form of a forest, ‘Sometimes’ is a mismatched blend of the natural and the bureaucratic, it’s equal parts ‘mud between your toes‘ and ‘clear some space in hangar five, Halley’s Comet is in at 2’

This piece explores the life and stories of these sometimes caretakers as they come up against a beast who threatens the balance of their world.

Content warnings: Simulated pain, deaths on stage, references to medical issues and illness, references to birth and bodily injury, sudden loud noises, use of haze and strobe lighting.


DING fish DING fly DING stop DING dance DING new hat DING who even was i when this all began DING turn around touch the ground DING the birthday girl’s coming DING heads DING tails DING you’ve won a glorious prize.

Content warnings: Sudden, loud noises and lighting changes including blackouts.


In a workplace of pushing papers, pressing buttons and making calls, a community must run like clockwork. Deadlines, pass Rose in the hall, heat up your lunch, have a smoke, do it again. Set in their ways, everything runs smoothly until it stops.

Content warnings: References to mental health, death, substance abuse and body dysmorphia.


Beyond the clouds, among the stars, there is a place called The Void, where the Seers dwell. Creatures of the cosmos, these Seers bend light, catalogue constellations and recharge the stars. But their preferred task, their favourite task, is staring down into the portal to watch the skin wearers below. You might know them by the name they call themselves: humans. And if the Seers are very lucky, sometimes the skin wearers will look up and gaze at the stars.

Content warnings: Sudden, loud noises and lighting changes including use of strobe lighting.

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3rd Nov 2022
9th Nov 2022


Martyn Myer Arena

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts