Tales From the Vienna Woods

By Ödön von Horváth
Director Mark Wilson

Think Cabaret meets Threepenny Opera meets Emily in Paris, if Emily was in Vienna and not the city of lights, this is a radical classic of the twentieth century.

It’s 1931 and Marianne lives with her father, who runs a suburban toy and magic shop, and though everyone experts her to marry the local butcher, she falls instead for a dissolute aristocrat. Her neighbours, local shop-owners, love new gadgets and creature comforts, and while worrying about the worldwide depression, how close they were to winning the last war and resulting ongoing political instability, also figure that an exciting new leader will keep them relaxed and comfortable.

As charming as it is scathing, as schmaltzy as it is forensic, this is drama at its sharpest. Von Horvath documents a society waltzing, and sleepwalking, its way into fascism.

Featuring Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) students.

Complete credits


3rd Jun 2022
8th Jun 2022


Grant Street Theatre

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts


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