Officer Lockstock
Georgia Barron

Officer Barrel
Angelo Vasilakakos 

Penelope Pennywise
Cassie Ogle

Bobby Strong
Joey Phyland

Little Sally
Kristie Nguy 

Mr McQueen
Luke Ward

Hope Cladwell
Lauren Gunson

Caldwell Cladwell
Joshua Spencer-Pepper

Hot Blades Harry/Old Man Strong
Elliot Wood

Becky Two Shoes
Marlena Thompson

Senator Fipp
Wil Jones

Tiny Tom
James Frampton

Soupy Sue
Chloe Makiol

Josephine Strong
Julia Miletta

Ms Millenium
Rebecca Ordiz

Second Year Ensemble
Teddy Burgess, LauraJoy Bunting, Ellie Carroll, Ellie Chan, Yashith Fernando, Ashley Garner,
Justin Grey, Abu Kebe, Jordan Koulos, Grace Laing, Kristen Robertson, Julia Sterrett,
Chloe Stojanovic, Will Thomas, Henny Walters, Tymyka Wines


Trudy Dunn

Music Director
Paul White

Freya List

Assistant Director

Voice and Dialect Coach
Anna McCrossin-Owen 

Dance Captain
Angelo Vasilakakos

Set Designer
Jessamine Moffett*

Costume Designer
Aye BaƱez*

Lighting Designer
Isabella 'Iz' Zettl*

Sound Designer
Taarani Charrett-Dunlop*

Technical Manager
Luke Grana*

Production Stage Manager
Madison Brake*

Deputy Stage Manager
Annie Gleisner*

Assistant Stage Managers
Lucy Anderson
Jess Smart

Head Of Staging
Emily Van Dyk*

Workshop Assistants
Chloe Goldsmith
Ranko Hong
Bradley Hora
Brooke Painter
Xander Reichard
Taylor Amakia Tiauli

Senior Costumiers
Charlie Bel Craft*
Alex Heien* 

Costume Manager
Maisy Butchart

Costume Assistant
Kiara Brown

Head Electrician
Amber Swank

Deputy Electrician / Lighting Programmer and Operator
Sophie Walter

Lighting Crew (Bump-In) 
Harrison Croft
Lara Gabor 

*Third year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) students


Production Coordinator
Andy Turner

Workshop Supervisor
Alan Logan 

Construction Consultants
James Clarke

Scenic Art Department
Morgan Jones

Costume Supervisor
Rose McCormick 

Natalie Gillis 

Ben Fon

Special Thanks to


Head of Music Theatre
Tyran Parke 

Head of Production
Lisa Osborn 

Production Academic Mentors
Jacob Battista, John Ford, Jessica Lawes, James Wilkinson, Tom Willis

VCA Production Academic Staff
Anna Cordingley, Martyn Coutts, Jo Evans, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus, Matt Scott


Just like a good political cartoon, Urinetown uses overt, satirical humour to deliver its social message.  And, also, like a good political cartoon its content, while often ridiculing, manipulates its audience to engage with a particular perspective. So be warned - there is nothing subtle about this entertainment!

Urinetown offers a view of a polarised world inhabited by the ‘haves ‘and the ‘have-nots’; a corrupt, greedy world where a 20-year drought has enabled the controlled and expensive use of public amenities; a world in which power is wielded with indiscriminate ease because the oppressed have forgotten how to question the society in which they live.

What better material for a toe-tapping musical, right? Deliberately written to parody theatrical conventions this show unashamedly alludes to songs, shows and styles with which you may already be familiar.

Our Urinetown is set in contemporary urban Australia, since the problems that Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis highlighted to the USA in 2001 are universal to any ego-centric capitalistic system, even ours.  The fact that its message is increasingly relevant now, two decades later, suggests that if we don’t start listening soon, it may quickly become too late.

Working with these actors on this show has been an unequivocal joy and my admiration for them knows no bounds. I have asked a great deal of them in terms of finding their ‘inner Aussie grotesque’ and they have enthusiastically embraced all of challenges presented by this show to bring it to life for you. The qualities evident in these performers are a director’s dream, and their abundance here is testament to the expansive training they have received here at VCA under the guidance of Tyran and all the other staff. This admiration I also extend to the design creatives and to the crew who have listened, laughed and run with every idea.

With Urinetown’s abundance of musical numbers, I also pay tribute to Freya and Paul for their creativity, and sensitivity to detail; and to Cohan for their enthusiasm and support during the rehearsal chaos.

So, as you will hear in the opening number…

This is Urinetown.

On with the show!

- Trudy Dunn, Director

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