Inbound Exchange at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Students without a background in Music or Fine Arts

If you are not working towards a major or degree in Fine Arts or Music, our undergraduate breadth subjects may be a good option for you. Breadth subjects allow you to gain knowledge and understanding across a broad range of disciplines, enabling you to develop insight, experience and new ways of thinking in areas distinct from the main fields of study in your degree.

You will need to meet any relevant prerequisites to enrol.

For more information and application instructions visit the University Inbound Exchange and Study Abroad page.

If you’re enrolled in a major or degree in creative arts practice, you may be able to study in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music for a semester or a year. Entry is by competitive audition or folio submission, in addition to the academic and English language requirements.

First, you’ll need to submit an online exchange application here. Once your application is received, we’ll email you a list of application requirements.

Next, email your application materials to

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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There are currently no exchange or study abroad places available in the disciplines of Acting, Theatre, Music Theatre, Animation, Screenwriting, or Film and Television.

There are limited places available in the following disciplines:

  • Dance (Semester 1 core subjects for 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) start in February)
  • Visual Art
  • Production

Design and Production

The following subjects do not require a folio. However, there may be limited places in these subjects:

Visual Art

Folio requirements vary between the different options listed below.

Drawing and printmaking

Select a minimum of 20 works demonstrating your engagement in drawing and/or printmaking. Your folio should include life and general drawings, sketchbooks, and any other relevant work, including paintings, photographs, journals, three-dimensional objects and new media works.


Provide a folio of drawings and other works on paper (eight to 10 paintings), which may include: prints, collage, photo and digital based works; other relevant materials which may indicate broader aspects of your practice.


Provide visual material that demonstrates an exploration and expression of ideas with an emphasis on lens-based making including prints, videos films and other digital media. The folio should include visual diaries and other relevant artwork that indicates broader aspects of your practice.

Sculpture and spatial practice

Provide visual material that demonstrates an interest in Sculpture and Installation. Include drawings, sketchbooks, notebooks and other visual work which may include collage, photo, and digital-based works and any other relevant materials which may indicate your broader creative interests.

Submitting your folio

The preferred formats for images are jpeg or PDF. All files must be numbered to correspond to a separate listing of the title, date, medium and dimensions of each work.

Your two to five minute showreel should be saved as a single QuickTime movie file. It must be playable on QuickTime and VLC media players.

Upload images of your folio to Dropbox, then email a link to


Your recorded audition must fulfil all sections of the outlined tasks.

Download the BFA-DANCE Video Audition Instructions (Pdf 1.3 MB)

Download the music for Section Six of your recorded audition:

BFA Dance Audition Improvisation Task 1 (wma file, 3MB)

BFA Dance Audition Improvisation Task 2 (wma file, 3MB)

Upload your audition files to Dropbox, then send a link to

To minimise timetable clashes, it’s a good idea to take level one or two subjects within the one program.

For example:

CodeNameStudy periodCredit Points
FINA20030Studio Studies 4Semester two25
FINA20032Critical and Theoretical Studies 4Semester two12.5

Explore the core subjects for Visual Art

Explore the core subjects for Dance

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music offers study options in performance and composition.

Practical music

Students wishing to undertake music performance subjects must send an audition recording as part of their application for exchange. The recording should consist of at least three works, demonstrating your skill on the instrument you wish to study. The pieces should be of contrasting styles and periods and the audition program should be no longer than 20 minutes.

Upload your audition file to Dropbox, then send a link to

Ensemble options are also available to students with little or no musical experience.

Find about more about ensembles

Ensembles with audition requirements

Auditions are required for entry to the following:

  • Baroque Ensemble
  • Big Band
  • Chamber Music
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Early Voices
  • Orchestra
  • Piano Duo and Duet.

Ensembles with no prerequisite requirements

Ensemble subjects that have no prerequisite requirements include: