The Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery’s latest exhibition ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ reveals the power and vulnerability of self-portraiture

Georgina Cue, Relache, 2017, Archival inkjet print
Georgina Cue, Relache, 2017, Archival inkjet print

This March, the Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery at the University of Melbourne presents 'It's not you, it's me,' a compelling exhibition of self-portraiture by staff of Visual Art at the Victorian College of the Arts.

With over 60 works showcased, in various mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, video, printmaking, drawing, and textiles, this exhibition presents diverse approaches to the idea of self-imaging and takes a deep dive into self-portraiture's influence in shaping our understanding of artists and their artistic practices.

Dr David Sequeira, Director of the Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery, says: "This exhibition is a wonderfully rich exploration of the notion of self-portraiture. What this exhibition reveals is the intimate relationship between the artist, their image of themselves, and their broader practice – a connection that has fascinated artists and audiences for centuries."

"In a sense, all works of art are self-portraits," says Dr Sequeira, "they reveal something of the creator's ideas, values, and ultimately, what's important to them."

"Through these thought-provoking works, visitors will experience the extraordinary range of approaches and techniques that artists use to represent themselves.

"From the unexpected and ephemeral whiteboard self-portrait by Joon Youn, to a deeply personal textile hanging by Kate Just, made entirely of the artist's own clothes, this exhibition demonstrates the complex and often contradictory ways artists engage with broader and more abstract understandings of the self: self as colour, self as shape, self as object, and self as material.

"Self-portraiture requires a certain power and vulnerability. These qualities are embodied in all the works in this exhibition. We're incredibly excited to welcome audiences back to the Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery this year with 'It's not you, it's me,'" says Dr Sequeira.

'It's not you, it's me' will be on display at The Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery from 3 March to 1 April. Open 12pm – 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Admission is free.

Dr David Sequeira is available for interview, and media are welcome to attend. Images are available upon request.