Meet Kyle Ramboyong, BFA (Dance) student at the University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) student Kyle Ramboyong rehearses in a ballet class with peers at the Victorian College of the Arts.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) student Kyle Ramboyong rehearses in a ballet class with peers at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Hi Kyle. Can you tell us what you’re doing currently in your studies? What does your week look like as a dance student?

This semester classes run Monday to Friday every week generally from 9 to 5pm, with one to two technique classes daily. Once a week I have a yoga class, four classes a week are devoted to working on a performance, meetings are held a couple of times a week and once a week we work on special studies (which include working on a thesis, a showing of the chosen work and a viva voce.)

I am looking forward to the subject Travelling Dance Studio. A small group of 2nd and 3rd year students are going to Europe in June! I have never been to Europe nor experienced their diverse dance culture and I have a feeling I might go back after graduating.

What made you choose Dance at the VCA?

I was given advice from my first dance teacher in Darwin that the VCA would be a great place for me to explore my art in dance. The VCA dance program builds a dancer’s technique, choreographic ideas and creativity, artistry and the ability to understand the body in relation to movement mechanics.

Studying in Melbourne was intriguing as it has a lot of festivals, live music, art, diversity in culture and access to dance classes outside of University which support my other artsy endeavours.

How has your time at the VCA matched and/ or differed from your expectations?

So far my time at VCA has challenged me in many aspects and has gone beyond my expectations. My aim at VCA was to become a better dancer, to explore choreography and to find my personal style. Yet I have also realised that increasing my skill and talent as a dancer is an ongoing process. In terms of finding my own style, I do not think I have found it just yet however, the VCA has taught me to keep being curious. Over time I will naturally find something I can call my own or my style, and I’m very excited for when that day comes.

Dance or art for me is a social and collaborative experience as you learn and grow from others. You learn from what you see and observe too. The peers and teachers at VCA are supportive and kind which breeds a very safe environment to grow and learn as an artist. The environment you are in can build or break an artist, so I gravitate towards people that build me up and I keep away people that don’t. Simple as that.

Kyle Ramboyong. Still from Day in the Life – Dance.

Have you received any advice while studying that has had a real impact on you?

Know why you want to study as this will be your main drive to finish your degree, as full-time dance training is mentally and physically demanding. Don’t be afraid to fail as you only become better by experience.

Finish your assignments as soon as you can. Don’t make it stressful by leaving it to the last minute as stress can affect your dance training.

Work on yourself. Keep your body healthy, strong and flexible. A dancer can explore more if your instrument has the capacity to do so. Also, have down time or something you can keep you mind off your art. Dance is consuming, so find something to relax your mind so you are ready for each week. I personally use surfing, yoga and socialising.

Still from Day in the Life – Dance

I have learnt a great deal about taking action and not getting stuck in the thought of getting a movement correct or right. This mindset is particularly important in terms of new dance styles or techniques as it allows you to keep trying. By taking action and not judging yourself internally, things get better and most importantly, they feel better.

What’s next after you graduate?

My dream at the moment is to live in a van in Europe, surf every day, dance, do yoga and travel. I would like to experience working for a dance company one day and to tour internationally. I am taking it day by day as you never know what opportunities may arise in the future. The VCA has given me an interest in the body and so maybe in the near future I may study remedial massage.

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