Community engagement

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to empower voice through art.

Wilin has a number of outreach programs that sit within community as well as programs that bring communities and Indigenous artists and cultural practitioners into the Centre. Alongside these, Wilin also has a number of programs which enable the wider community to access Indigenous arts and culture.


The Wilin Centre has a number of partnerships that seek to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and future students with opportunities to build their skills in the arts and culture sector.

In conjunction with Faculty partners, Wilin offers program to regional Victorian Aboriginal communities. Propective students can access a number of scholarships to short courses in Theatre, Music Theatre and other disciplines in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

The Wilin Centre offers showcase opportunities for Indigenous students through partnerships with Melbourne Fringe Festival and production internships with the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Wilin Week

Wilin Week is the Faculty's annual celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.

Held every year, Wilin Week typically features hands-on workshops in Indigenous cultural practice, the Lin Onus Oration, film screenings, music and the annual Lighting of the Wilin ceremony.

Cross Cultural Workshops

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development invites you to join us and learn how you as an Academic, Professional Staff member or student can improve your knowledge base about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture, ways and needs.

Our cross cultural awareness workshops will assist you in revisiting existing culturally safe policies and processes in your area of expertise and workplace, or help you create and develop culturally safe process and policy.
The Wilin Centre cross-cultural workshops are one-day programs. Wilin also provides the option of tailoring specific cross-cultural workshops for the likes of departments, schools and teams of all sorts.

Lin Onus Oration

Held as part of Wilin Week, the Lin Onus Oration is the Wilin Centre's annual oration where we hear from esteemed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and cultural practitioners.

Named after famed Yorta Yorta artist Lin Onus, the Oration seeks to provoke thought, discussion and debate in relation to Indigenous arts and culture.

Fan The Flames

Fan The Flames is the Centre’s annual celebration of the year that was. Presenting works from Indigenous students at the Faculty, Fan The Flames includes both the visual and performing arts.

Fan The Flames is held every year in September and is a great opportunity to celebrate Indigenous successes.

Cultural Literacy Workshops

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development takes a unique approach in presenting Indigenous Cultural Literacies with a focus on Indigenous artists and allies working with Creative and cultural practices. In these lectures and workshops, we bring our research to the fore, highlighting great practitioners, activists and collaborators who position Place and Indigenous Knowledge at the centre of their work.

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