Wilin Cultural Literacies workshop

The Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development takes a unique approach in presenting Indigenous Cultural Literacies with a focus on Indigenous artists and allies working with Creative and cultural practices. In these lectures and workshops, we bring our research to the fore, highlighting great practitioners, activists and collaborators who position Place and Indigenous Knowledge at the centre of their work. Our diplomacies in our partnerships, research, and learning and teaching in Indigenous Cultural Literacies for community, arts and cultural organisations leads our work at The University of Melbourne.

Lecture based presentations

  • Indigenous Cultural Literacies Workshop:3 hour duration
    Lecture based format with a customisable focus with 1 engagement activity

Focus suggestions:

  • For students, an Indigenous Cultural literacies briefing for a creative project
  • For staff, a professional development Indigenous Cultural literacies briefing and general overview with a focus on creative and cultural practices

Short Workshop (Interactive focus)

  • Student focus - Cultural literacies (3 hours)
  • Academic/professional development/ Cultural literacies Workshop: 3 hour duration
  • Research - Relationship building with Indigenous partnerships Workshop: 3 hour duration
  • Learning and Teaching Cultural literacies Workshop: 3-hour duration, discussion with 2-3 activities learning activities.
  • Write your own Acknowledgment of Country workshop (University of Melbourne campus focus): 3 hour duration, Interactive, 2-3 activities, Place or campus focused.

Long Workshop Interactive Creative Practice focus

  • Day - 7 hours (day rate) mix of creative practice activities/cultural literacies
  • Studio – creative and cultural practices for students, professional development, or research.

Please contact the Wilin Centre for a discussion of your needs and costings.

Experiencing Indigenous Cultural and Creative Practices - Breadth Track

This breadth track engages with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative and cultural practices, with a focus on connections to Country and place, while developing cultural literacies, critical thinking, and deep listening skills.

Acknowledgement of Country - Melbourne MicroCert

Gain a richer understanding of Indigenous creative practices and cultural protocols and learn to deliver a meaningful Acknowledgement of Country.