Conservatorium accompanists

The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music provides students with an accompanist allowance to rehearse and perform with an approved accompanist in performance classes and practical examinations.

These allowances are available within the following degrees;

  • Diploma in Music (Practical)
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Music (Honours)
  • Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical)
  • Master of Music (Performance Teaching)
  • Master of Music (Music Performance)

Practical Examination Accompanist Allowance

Maximum accompanist allowance times are listed below and are inclusive of both rehearsal AND performance times (with the exception of RHD Master of Music recitals) eg. for a Bachelor of Music student enrolled in MUSI10221 Practical Music 2, the allowance would cover up to 1 hour and 40 minutes for rehearsal, and 20 minutes for the required examination time, for a total of 2 hours.

One hour per student
Bachelor of Music MUSI20026 Minor Music Performance 2
MUSI30051 Minor Music Performance 4
Two hours per student
Bachelor of Music / Diploma in Music (Practical) MUSI10221 Practical Music 2
MUSI20200 Practical Music 4
MUSI30251 Practical Music 6
MUSI20202 Performance 4
MUSI30218 Music Performance 6
Bachelor of Music (Honours) MUSI40060 Concerto
MUSI40088 Integrated Musical Practice 1
MUSI40089 Integrated Musical Practice 2
Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical) MUSI40088 Integrated Musical Practice 1
MUSI40089 Integrated Musical Practice 2
Four hours per student
Bachelor of Music MUSI30253 Performance 6
MUSI30008 Performance Study 6
Bachelor of Music (Honours) MUSI40061 Recital
Graduate Diploma in Music (Practical) MUSI40017 Practical Study 2
Master of Music (Performance Teaching) MUSI90156 Performing to Teach 2
MUSI90157 Pedagogue Recital
Master of Music (Research) in Music Performance Graduate Research Recitals receive accompanist allowance of up to 4 hours of rehearsal time PLUS the relevant examination time)
MUSI70012 - Research Project (MMus)

NOTE: Payment for any rehearsals in excess of the allocated hours indicated above, or for an accompanist not listed on the Conservatorium's list of approved accompanists, are the responsibility of the student.

List of approved conservatorium accompanists (PCME)

Students are required to use accompanists from the Conservatorium's list of approved accompanists.

Name Specialist instrument and areasPhoneEmail
Amir Farid  0408 657 489
Nicholas Young 0434 742
Peter de Jager  0432 681 437
Julia Hastings  0417 083 129
Priscilla Taylor Harpsichord (03) 9387 5517
Robin Baker 0435 073
Aidan Boase   0400 408 528
Donald NicolsonHarpsichord, Fortepiano, Piano0450 242
Gina Gataveckaite   0452 570 407
Stefan Cassomenos   0413 141 425
Elizabeth Anderson Harpsichord 0405 267 570
Leigh Harrold   0417 895 732
Tim Mallis 0412 258
Berta Brozgul   0490 404 076
Jacob Abela   0488 202 449
Christopher Wong   0490 046 987
Rhodri Clarke   0457 052 928
Elyane Laussade   0408 626 808
Ann Morgan Harpsichord (03) 5348 7604
Larissa Cox   0417 583 378
Coady Green   0488 129 088
Kenji Fujimura   0412 787 478
David Macfarlane Organ, Harpsichord 0412 915 380
Tom Griffiths   0411 957 017
Andrea Katz   0414 015 705
Elena Mogilevski   0402 240 419
Emma Lippa   0404 018 064
Calvin Bowman   0430 905 807
Louisa Breen   0439 565 664
Konrad Olszewski   0438 183 289
Raymond Shon   0437 449 492
Michelle Nguyen   0411 697 775
Karen Neumann   0423 935 344
Stewart Kelly   0423 158 522
Jane Ferdinands   0425 427
Victoria BiloganPiano, Harpsichord0413 180
Adam McMillan 0403 680
Modi Deng 0420 758 906

Jennifer Yu 0422 125
Phillipa Safey 0410 882
Janis Cook 0428 480
Kevin Suherman 0432 100
Akemi Schubert 0423 872
Yasmine Rowe 0416 092
Joyce Chahine 0410 403

List of suggested jazz and improvisation accompanists

The Conservatorium can suggest accompanists if you require one for auditions. Please refer to the list below.

There is no requirement to engage an accompanist from the suggested list.

Accompanists on the suggested list are not university employees and any arrangement for payment is solely between the applicant and accompanist.

Name Specialist instrument and areasPhoneEmail

Patrick Britton



Nathan Liow



Matt Hoyne



Isaac Gunnoo



Ross Anderson



Lewis Pierre-Humbert



Oliver Cox



Maddison Carter



Flora Carbo



Hector Harley



Callum Mintzis



Non-keyboard accompaniment

Contemporary music students completing the Master of Music (Performance Teaching) and students undertaking specialist instrumental studies (eg. early music) can apply for special permission from the Faculty Academic Support Office to use an accompanist outside of the Conservatorium's list of approved accompanists.

FAQ Conservatorium accompanists

Apply to become an approved accompanist

Do not contact members of staff directly regarding your application. Instead, prepare the following application materials:

  • a detailed CV outlining qualifications, experience and a sample repertoire list demonstrating the range and level of repertoire in an accompanying role as well as a list of appropriate performances over the last three years. Please include name, email and phone contact information.
  • web-based, video recorded material demonstrating a professional level of concert accompaniment (at least 45 minutes in total) in at least three areas from the following: strings, woodwind, brass, voice or chamber music. Dates of the performances should be provided.
  • two written references from professional (performing) musicians of standing that are not more than six months old and which comment directly on accompanying experience and capacity. The referees need to be available for further consultation if needed. If previous contact with academic staff from the Conservatorium is relevant, this may be indicated as well.

Send all materials by email to