Graduate research seminar

Students enrolled in Music Performance and Musicology/Ethnomusicology are expected to participate in graduate seminars.

The Graduate Research Seminar is held weekly, every Thursday during teaching semester.

The seminar is a joint seminar.


  • Seminars are held at 11am each Thursday during semester
  • Seminars are held in Room 722 Ian Potter Southbank Centre, Building 880, Sturt St Southbank.
  • Composition Seminar is held on Wednesday at 3.15pm in the Teaching Studio in Room 810, Building 880 - Conservatorium, Sturt St Southbank.

Seminar Schedule

Semester 2 2022


In Semester 2 of 2022 Postgraduate Seminar will be via Zoom and on campus. See the schedule below for details. The Zoom link is also in the PDF file below.

  • Seminar Music Performance and Musicology/Ethnomusicology: Room 722 Conservatorium

Thursday 11.00am–1.00pm

Seminar Schedule Semester 2 2022