Master of Dance

Monday 19 February

3.00-3.30pm, Welcome to VCA Dance
Meet outside Building 864 on St Kilda Road

3.30-4.30pm, Dance culture and community
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

4.40-5.30pm, Dance inductions
Delivered in Building 864

Tuesday 20 February

10.30am-3.00pm, Southbank Welcome Day
Commencing in Hanson Dyer Hall, Ian Potter Southbank Centre

Hear from your Dean and Directors at the Faculty Orientation. Participate in a Smoking Ceremony and enjoy a festival with free lunch and entertainment.

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Wednesday 21 February

9.00-10.30am, Open improvisation class
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

11.00am-12.15pm, Dancer health, safety, and wellness
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

5.00-6.00pm, Scholarship application information session (optional)
Delivered online via Zoom

Interested in applying for a scholarship? Fine Arts and Music Scholarship applications are now open. Join this live information session and get your questions answered.

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Thursday 22 February

9.00-10.30am Open contemporary class led by Dr Phillip Adams
Delivered in Building 864, Room 221

11.00am-12.30pm, VCA Student Assembly
Delivered in Martyn Myer Arena (Building 873, Room G91)

Hear from your VCA Director Prof. Emma Redding, then take the opportunity to connect with your peers and academics.

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12.30-1.15pm, Plant Nation - Gardening as Climate Activism workshop
Delivered in Friends Courtyard

2.00-3.00pm, Dancing City Tour: Rehearsal observation and Q&A 
Meet at Chunky Move Studio

4.00-5.00pm, Dancing City tour 
Meet at Lucy Guerin Inc, WXYZ Studios

6.00-9.00pm, Buxton Student Party (optional)
Hosted by Buxton Contemporary

Check out the latest exhibition, mingle with fellow new students, and dance the night away!

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Friday 23 February

1.00-2.00pm, Mob Feed (First Nations students only)
Hosted in The Wilin Centre

Come have a feed and meet your fellow First Nations students. Check out the new Wilin student lounge and receive your Wilin Orientation backpack filled with scholarship information, resources, and goodies.

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