At the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, scholarship selection is generally based on academic merit or financial need.

Scholarship consultation happens at a number of levels, with heads of discipline, year level coordinators, teaching staff and the Dean of the Faculty all involved in the process.

The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music gratefully acknowledges the generous ongoing contributions of all our donors and supporters.

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Creating a scholarship

Accepting and declining

Learn how to accept or decline your scholarship. You will also find information on meeting your scholarship requirements and submitting any additional material.

Accepting and declining scholarships

Moving to Melbourne from regional Victoria to attend the VCA opened new doors to a wide variety of performing arts environments that weren't available to me in my hometown. For a teenager in a regional town it was daunting to think about how to break into such a niche industry with very limited local opportunities, but by studying at an institution like the VCA, you are not finding a 'back door' into the industry, the skills and contacts you are provided with are the leg up required to find work as soon as you graduate.

Julia Orlando
Recipient of a Melbourne Access Scholarship, Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar and Dennis Irving Award
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To be a performer you need to constantly put yourself out there, expose a bit of yourself and be really brave in front of many people and that can be very psychologically and physically challenging. I auditioned for the VCA Acting course and didn't get in until the age of 23! But now I have the confidence in my own ability to create work from scratch and a whole ream of skills to turn to.

Tom Richards
Recipient of a Lionel Gell Scholarship, and Pratt Bursary
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