Accepting and declining scholarships

Congratulations on your scholarship or award from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Unless advised otherwise, you have four weeks from the date on the offer letter to accept your award. If you have completed the process to accept your award and have not been paid within a month, contact the Scholarships Office.

Accepting your scholarship

There are three steps to accepting your scholarship. Before you begin, make sure you compile the documents requested by the Dean in your scholarship offer letter.

Step one: payment information

Use the payment method outlined in your offer letter. If there are any problems regarding your banking details or payment, you will be emailed by University Services to either your student email address (if you are enrolled) or the personal email address you used to submit your scholarship application (for external parties and alumni).

Current and graduating students receiving cash payments will need to input or update their bank details.  It is your responsibility to ensure your banking details are correct in the University system during the course of your candidacy.

Alumni and external parties will need to be set up in the University system as a  New Supplier.   If this is the case, you will be sent by email from University Services in the days following your scholarship acceptance.  That email will give you a temporary password to enter your bank details into the University systems so that we can transfer your scholarship money to your account.

If your award type is a reimbursement, we will prompt you in the offer letter and/or email to complete a Student Supplier Reimbursement Form F05/F06.  There is no need to complete this form unless expressly asked to do so by the Scholarships Office.

Scholarship payments for part-time students are not exempt from income tax. You’ll need to provide a Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration form. TFN forms can be obtained from the Stop One on the corner of Swanston and Grattan Streets, most newsagents, or ordered online.  Please do not complete this form if you are full time enrolled, or if you have recently graduated from full-time study (unless we expressly ask you to do so).

If required, scanned copies of the Student Supplier Reimbursement Form and TFN Declaration forms can be uploaded during Step Three.  Please don't submit these forms unless requested.

Step two: thank you letter and bio

Your scholarship offer letter will tell you whether you need to do this.  Many scholarships awarded by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music have living donors and all have reporting requirements.  It is very important that you submit a thankyou letter if the offer asks you to do so as this will often have an impact upon the future of the scholarship.  Once written, upload your letter during Step Three.

Instructions on what to put in a thank you letter and artistic biography are in this document; How to write a thank you letter (PDF 86 KB)

Step three: accept your scholarship

Please read the Fine Arts and Music Scholarship Terms and Conditions 

Next, select this link to accept your scholarship and upload your documents.

Accept my scholarship

Select this link if you don’t want to accept: Decline your Fine Arts and Music scholarship

Contact the Scholarships Office for more information.
Phone+61 3 9035 9044

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