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Our vision is to establish a culture of excellence in creative arts therapies research and training, grounded in a supportive and inspiring research milieu and fostered in international collaboration.

The Creative Arts and Music Therapy Research Unit (CAMTRU) supports the development of creative arts therapy disciplines across Australia through research and research training. This involves the establishment of a graduate research (PhD) training program for creative arts therapists in 2016, and international research collaborations with creative arts therapy academic institutions around the world.

The CAMTRU team is pleased to announce that our graduate training programs, Master in Creative Arts Therapy (Drama Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy), will be offered for the first time in 2020.

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‘Active Factors in Creative Arts Therapies - An embodied aesthetic perspective’
Professor Sabine Koch, Germany.

CAMTRU’s Annual Public Lecture for 2019 was presented by Professor. Dr. Sabine Koch, psychologist and dance movement therapist, Director of the Research Institute for Creative Arts Therapies at Alanus University Alfter, and Head of the DMT Masters Program at SRH University Heidelberg, Germany.

The question of how creative arts therapies work is an exciting and critical area of investigation. This lecture introduced active factors, also known as therapeutic mechanisms, that are fundamental in the working of creative arts therapies.  Professor Koch explained findings from her research into active factors that help explain mechanisms that are shared and different across the creative arts therapy modalities. This understanding has the potential to improve professional practice, training and research outcomes for all creative arts therapies. The lecture presented a model of active factors illustrated by examples from dance movement therapy, along with recommendations for research and practice.

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