Our International Partners

We continue to develop an innovative and inter-cultural creative arts therapies research agenda with a global network of research partners. This includes close collaboration with international partner institutions across the world including the US,  Germany, Brazil, Israel and the UK.

Experienced academics and CAT researchers from collaborating institutions regularly contribute to CAMTRU’s research and research training agenda as expert supervisors and research collaborators.

Drexel University

Drexel University, located in Philadelphia (United States), is a top ranked, comprehensive and globally engaged urban research university recognized for its focus on experiential learning through cooperative education, its commitment to cutting edge academic technology and its growing enterprise of use-inspired research.

The Department of Creative Arts Therapies houses the first PhD program in Creative Arts Therapies in the world and is known for its outstanding training program and its innovative research. Drexel staff Associate Professor Sherry Goodill and Professor Joke Bradt and Dr. Gitija Kamal have visited CAMTRU as external consultants and contributed as supervisors to graduate scholars’ research.

Lesley University

The Lesley University (United States) Doctoral Program in Expressive Therapies is a leading program supporting research and scholarship in the global arts therapy field. The program proudly sustains the mission of Lesley University in training professionals within experimental learning communities committed to creativity, change, and research, which results in service to society.

Founded in 1974, Lesley’s Expressive Therapies Program has trained international leaders in the arts therapies field. For over a century Lesley University has been an innovative leader in advancing professional practice through disciplined inquiry.

University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt

The University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt’s Music Therapy Unit (Germany) is a leading education and research unit worldwide. Their Master in Developmental Music Therapy and Music Therapy with Dementia Patients (15 students, 25% from Asia, one from Australia) is the only one worldwide, specialized in these fields of application of music therapy.

The unit is building a European consortium including seven European countries led by Professor Thomas Wosch, who has a track record of research collaboration with academic staff at National Music Therapy Research Unit (NaMTRU) at the University of Melbourne since 2004.

Federal University of Goais

The Federal University of Goias - UFG, State of Goias (Brazil), is a leading public high education institution in Brazil. UFG has more than 25000 students in several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Music and Scenic Arts School offers degrees in Music, Scenic Arts, Arts Production and Music Therapy.

The Bachelor in Music Therapy is the only one in the region and is well known as one of the references in the country, receiving students from all the Brazilian regions. In the Masters in Music, music therapy has been developed along the research line “Music, Education and Health”, with its research lines focusing on health, special education, education and organizational.

New York University Steinhardt

NYU Steinhardt offers a MA in Art Therapy, as well as a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences for students with a background in art therapy. The program integrates psychotherapy and visual arts practice, engaging the creative power of art for clinical assessment and treatment. Dr. Nisha Sajnani, RDT-BCT, Director of the Program in Drama Therapy has visited CAMTRU as scholarly expert and contributes to supervision of CAMTRU students.

SRH Hochscule

Heidelberg Germany and Alanus Hochschule, Bonn/Alfter Germany.

The applied master’s degree in dance movement therapy at the SRH University Heidelberg was developed within the framework of European alignment and accredited in 2012. It offers graduates of artistic or psychosocial study programs a qualified education in dance movement therapy. Research projects are conducted regularly at the School of Therapeutic Sciences in close cooperation with universities, research centers and clinical partners. There is a particular interest in research evaluating evidence-based dance movement therapy treatment, but also in phenomenological approaches. Professor Sabine Koch from SRH Heidelberg and SRH Alanus has visited CAMTRU as scholarly expert and contributes to collaborative research with CAMTRU team members.

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