Presented by VCA Dance and Production students

No sense of sense here, in this collection of known but unfamiliar. Purpose disregarded, reimagined, tilted 10 degrees and complimented by an itch of the chin and a shift of the skull.

Choreographed and Performed by

Brittany Capill, Lauren Doyle, Ruby English, Gabrielle Fallon, Charlotte Henderson, Emily Keane, Natalie Koch, Sarah Kosoof, Marilyn Lau, Sarscha Lewis Molly McKenzie, Caitlin Mewett, Jessica Nicholls, Amelia O'Leary, Alice O’Keeffe, Tara Quilligan, Gemma Sattler, Ella Sibel, Olivia Smith, Janelle Tan

Production Team

Set Designer
Robert Watson*

Costume Designer
Oli Lacoon Williamson*

Lighting Designer
Giovanna Yate González*

Sound Designer
Daniella A. Esposito*

Vision Designer
Rubi Dinardo

James Wright (NON Studio)

Associate Set Designer
Tessa Cleary-Moore*

Associate Costume Designer
Jessamine Moffett

Associate Lighting Designer
Theodore Viney

Stage Manager
Rosemary Osmond*

Assistant Stage Manager  
Dakota Poole

Workshop Head of Department
Hana Kuhlmann*

Workshop Assistants  
Al Brill
Isabella Edwards
Isabel Rowland

Senior Costumier
Emma Didier Farrington*

Costume Manager
Georgia Shackleton

Costume Assistants
Charlotte Craft
Jacqueline Truong

Technical Manager
George Richardson*

Head Electrician
Seb Miloradovic*

Lighting Programmer
Theodore Viney
*Third year BFA (Design and Production) student

Professional Staff

Production Coordinator
Steve Hendy

Workshop Supervisor
Alan Logan

Set Builders
Morgan Jones
Ellen Sayers

Stage Technician
Mungo McKenzie

Scenic Artists
Howard Clark
Karen Trott

Costume Supervisor
Karen Blinco

Academic Staff

VCA Dance 
Anna Smith

Production Mentors
Tia Clark, Martyn Coutts, Emah Fox

VCA Production 
Anna Cordingley, Justin Green, Amanda Hitten, Lisa Mibus,
Lisa Osborn, Matt Scott, Dr Chris Wenn

VCA Dance thanks Visiting Artists Luigi Vescio, Amaara Raheem and Margie Medlin who contributed to the Artistic Process through Research and Development Workshops.