10 Degrees

A collaborative, interdisciplinary project presented by VCA Dance
and Design and Production students

Mentored by Anna Cordingley, Matthew Scott and Anna Smith

Redefining what it is to be a dance maker and collaborator in 2021, 10 degrees invites audiences to witness and engage through an interdisciplinary framework within the expansive volume of the Martin Myer Arena. Informed by workshops with guest artists Luigi Vescio (former dancer with Chunky Move and Master of Contemporary Art Graduate), Amaara Raheem (choreographer, performer and writer) and Margie Medlin (interdisciplinary artist working with light and projection), this co-devised work experiments with light, sound, texture and space.

Full Credits

Due to the restrictions in place to protect communities from the impacts of COVID-19, the Faculty was unable to extend an invitation to audiences for this performance season. Examination Performances were undertaken following the advice of the Department of Health and the Victorian Government.


22nd Jun 2021


Martyn Myer Arena

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts