Written by Nathan Maynard
Directed by Isaac Drandic
Designed by Leon Salom 

Featuring Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) and Master of Design for Performance students

Bobsta, General Junior, Apples, Gorby and Ant all play for, would die for, their coach The General and the Cutting Cove Currawongs. It’s an amateur AFL team in a town where the population is 4,000, and everyone is an active club member.

There’s a couple of young Aboriginal players from out of town who the General’s just signed. With gun players like Sonny and Jayma now on the ground, the Currawongs are in the running for the flag.

But The Currawongs may have invited a reckoning bigger than they, the game, Cutting Cove or anyone saw coming.

Written by Nathan Maynard and directed by Isaac Drandic, the team behind the smash hits At What Cost? (Belvoir, 2022) and The Season (Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Festival, Perth Festival, National Tour 2017).

An MTC Next Stage Commission. Supported by the Vizard Foundation.

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18th Oct 2022
22nd Oct 2022


Studio 4, Performing Arts Building

 Further information

Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts


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