Chapter Seven

Because of the chaotic shutdown of borders and changing circumstances; Chapter Seven was totally devised and rehearsed online from my dining room during the latest Sydney lockdown. The work centred around each performer's individual journey of how to navigate the difficulties in our lives during this time and the way we have adapted to them. I have not met any of the performers in person but have formed an online-Zoom bond by working one on one. The focused individual attention allowed a deeper dialogue with each performer and myself. This actually opened up a unique opportunity to work in a way a group situation rarely allows.

The second challenge has been the group coming together in the studio and threading all seven stories into one cohesive work. What evolved was a huge shift of intention and meaning of the movement created in isolation. In this 'online world', it's a reminder of how important - face to face - is in our daily routines. We change in the company of others and no matter what our differences, we are constantly shifting and adjusting so that we find a way to reach out and to be in each other’s lives.

- Danielle Micich

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24th Nov 2021
27th Nov 2021


Space 28,
within Performing Arts Dodds Street

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Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts