Theatrum Botanicum

Directed by Gregory Lorenzutti

Inspired by plant wisdom, dancer, photographer and urban farmer Lorenzutti has worked with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) students to bring together the worlds of performance and holistic gardening. In the time of the Anthropocene, plants offer us a revolution: a world of collaboration, of healthy partnerships with other life forms, and a humbling ability to coexist and thrive within a diverse ecosystem. This work takes audiences on a journey of plant movement and migration, to better understand our role within the larger planetary life, and to re-engage with soil; the same soil we feed from and dance upon.

This work aims to re-awaken our senses to seasonal rhythms, biodiversity and plant knowledge; to honour and dance with plantlife.

Complete credits


9th Jun 2022
15th Jun 2022


Martyn Myer Arena

 Further information

Type: Performance
School: Victorian College of the Arts


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